Friday, September 12, 2008


You don't deserve to be lonely. But those drugs you got won't make you feel better. Pretty soon you'll find its the only. Little part of your life you're keeping together.

oh elliott.


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I found this picture ... interesting.

Sweet tattoos... but on a baby?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Part Of That World

Maybe he's right. Maybe there is something the matter with me. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things, could be bad.

Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete. Wouldn't you think I'm the girl. The girl who has everything. Look at this closet. Clothes unfold. How many wonders can one dresser hold. Looking around here you'd think, sure, she's got everything. I've got headbands and bracelets a plenty. I've got wedges and Free People galore. You want Kenzie shoes? I got twenty. Hah. But who cares. No big deal. I want more.

I want to be, where the city lives. I want to see, wanna see them shopping. Walking around on those, what do you call them? Oh, stilettos. Haha. Walking to class you don't get so far. Backpacks are required for books and backaches. Strolling along down the, what's that word again? Soho street. Up where they spend. Up where they shop. Up where they stay all day in Tiffany's. Wandering free. WIsh I could be. Part of that world.

What would I give, if I could live away from Peoria. WHat would I pay, to spend a day in France. Betcha in Italy, they'd understand. Bet they don't reprimand their daughters. Bright young women. Sick of slummin. Ready to spend. I'm ready to know what the designers know. Ask them my questions and get some answers. What's their desire? And how do I learn. When's it my turn. Wouldn't I love. Love to explore Bergdorf Goodman. Out of Peoria. Wish I could be. Part of that world.


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xx kathleen

rain rain go away

what a gloomy monday.

not cool.

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots

and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick,

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you're always right,

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,

even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you're not around,

and the fact that you didnt call.

But mostly I hate the way I dont hate you,

not even close

not even a little bit

not even at all.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Ca Plane Pour Moi

I <3 this song. Hahahahaha.

Spinach Dip & Crackers = yummm

Khakis = Vomit


ok. rush weekend.

no boys. no booze. no bars. ... jwysb?

ex oh ex oh ex oh EX


Monday, September 1, 2008

OMFGG You Motherchucker!

Taylurrlegit. I stole it. 

I am constantly listening to music. 24/7. And almost every single song reminds me of a noun (person, place, or thing). 

So I put my Ipod on shuffle and wrote down the first things that came to mind.

Neat-o gang.


Intensity in 10 Cities - Chiodos: London in my tiny little flat, in my cold room, with nothing to do at 5am

Ever So Sweet-The Early November: TJ Elementary School Park with Jon back in HS 

Twilight-Elliott Smith: Laying in bed late at night, falling asleep listening to his whispery voice, crying. (emoooooo) 

Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy: Candice singing this to me in my room at the Chi Omega house last year. She has a beautiful voice. 

Beautiful-Flickerstick: Greg in his red Audi with the windows down and music blasting. I'm sure we were coming home from one of our late night Steak & Shake outings. 

Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard: Living in London sitting in our flat watching Once with Lo. Drinking wine and eating grilled cheese. 

Far More-The Honorary Title: Watching one of the saddest scenes in One Tree Hill. Lucas just asked Lindsey to marry him and Peyton walks in on it. Her heart is shattered. 

Miserable at Best-Mayday Parade: Long drives in my car. Going no where in particular. 

Alive With the Glory of Love-Say Anything: MSU Road Trip 07 with Lainie

She Doesn't Get it-The Format: Singing acoustic with Adam playing guitar in his apartment 

Fred Jones-Ben Folds: Work

This Ice is Getting Thinner-Death Cab for Cutie: my hot stuffy room at The Dollhouse thinking about my life. and where it's going. and why my cranberry juice is frozen. 

Comfortable-John Mayer: Going to the grocery store late at night Freshman year at BU with Ryan putting random things in my cart trying to be sneaky. 

Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead: Driving home from O'Hare on New Years Day. Sitting on Adam's porch singing loudly. Clueless.

Keep Breathing-Ingrid Michaelson: Grey's Anatomy. 

Ca Plane Pour Moi-Plastic Bertrand: France. Croissants. Gossip Girl.

The Air We Breathe- Figurines: pipe dreams and foolish scenes.

Beast of Burden-Rolling Stones: my high school perfect boyfriend karl. 

Shake It-Metrostation: Emily and I rockin out everywhere we go.

*I'll update this list later.

In the meantime, I'll dream about Chuck Bass. 

ex oh ex oh


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nicolas is hot.

I just want to stay up all night and watch all the videos from on the Fall 08 trends section. 

Seriously, I'm in love with all the neatly tailored coats to the gold-stapled dresses from Viktor & Rolf.  Or the mod hats from Louis Vuitton. 

Paris fashion week kills me. Gah. 

Somebody somehow needs to get me there. Puh-Lease.