Tuesday, August 26, 2008

But Daddy I LOVE him!

Ok so maybe it's because of the red hair.

Or maybe it's because she's a princess.

Or because she lives under the sea, down where its wetter, down where its better.

But I LOVE the little mermaid.

I have little mermaid pens.

and pencils.

and a rug (daddy bought for me. its huge).

and stickers.

and coloring book.

and an ariel barbie.

ok like when i was three... I HAD AN ARIEL CAR.

sebastian was the horn. it was teal. the seats were hot pink.

i swear its all my parents fault. they should have never given me the movie when i was only 3 years old.  the obsession started then.

oh well.

love it. 

i want to be ariel for halloween!!!! :D 

ex oh ex 


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