Saturday, August 30, 2008

She Said I Would Not Understand.

I'm sorry I had a bad day again.

You should never really walk home alone. And I know that.  But what's a girl to do? I was tired. And wanted to go home. Not fall asleep on an uncomfortable futon in some sketchy off campus house with fraternity guys.

So I said my goodbyes and walked. Alllll the way home. Pretty far. 

Nobody offered to walk me. Nobody said, "Call me so I know you made it home safe."

Where did that compassion for other human beings go? 

Is it because I am not that important of a person that if something bad were to happen to me no one would care?

Sometimes I feel like that.   Often these days.

I trudged past the other frats with the boys lingering outside. Just staring at me with their beer-glazed eyes.

Then it got dark. And quiet. Nothing but the noise of police sirens.

I hopped up the front steps to my door and walked up the stairs to my bedroom. Locked the door and prayed that nothing bad would happen while sleeping in my big, empty, house. With not a single roommate sleeping here but me.


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