Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love Me or Hate Me. Either Way I'm On Your Mind.


I was living thousands of miles away in a foreign country all of last semester and come back to hear...

shane: "Yeah, Do you know Mary?"

kt: "Yes, I know her."

shane: "Oh yeaaah. Well anyways, she's not going to BU anymore. But hey, remember the time when she hated you so much? She would ask me if she was better looking than you."

kt: "Yes... I remember. However, she was always so nice to my face. Never once did I ever think she trashed talked me till I heard it through the grapevine. And it was because I liked the same boy she did, right?"

shane: "Yeah, that Aussie dude."

and END. 

Onto the next party of the night. Sig Chi.

Jack & I walk up the stairs to see Jade and I step inside the room and see a familiar boy's face.

He says, "Oh Hey!! Yeah, so I heard about the 1618 Fredonia issues. And I think it is bullshit."

(Agreeing with Brittany on this one. The spawn of Satan.)

kt: "You're right. It IS Bullshit. And none of your business." Followed by a forced fake smile.

Then I stand there in awkwardness while Jackie socializes amongst randoms I don't know all the while praying to leave the frat house. 


All I can say is.

Keep talkin shit. You're making me famous. 

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but really. I thought high school ended 3 years ago. When does the drama stop?? 

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