Sunday, August 10, 2008

She Should Have Quit Before She'd Written the Address

She sat on her floor in her messy room desperately searching for some glue and scissors.  All she could find was packaging tape and an empty stapler. 

With a carefully thought out plan, she grabbed the recent postcard from her top drawer and began to white out the address. Carelessly ripping the photocopied map into an almost perfect rectangle to place over the Lovers Leap mountain view from New Mexico, she then wrote down her secret.

Flipped it over. And tried to write in a fat red marker the address.. but it smudged. 

She grabbed a bank account statement letter and ripped off the bottom of it. Found a thin purple marker on the ground, and finished the task of writing the address.

She crept downstairs to the kitchen, slipped on her mothers flip flops and opened the front door.

The air felt nice against her warm skin.  She ran all the way to the mailbox and all the way back to her front door. Without looking back.

Hopefully people will read it soon. 

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